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上海似乎从来不让人觉得是个爵士之城,但不知不觉爵士音乐节已经来到了第13年,有时候当一个城市拥有的时候似乎不以为然,但随着今年老派爵士酒吧Cotton Club结束营业,让人突然觉得,原来有个爵士音乐节是如此值得庆幸甚至骄傲的事情。每一年爵士音乐节都有令人期待的演出阵容,马上来盘点一下今年你该看什么。

Although it hardly strikes people as a city of Jazz, Shanghai has host edits annual jazz festival for 13 years straight. It was until The Cotton Club—an old-school jazz club in Shanghai—shuttered did people realize they had been taking things for granted, and should have felt proud to have a jazz festival at home. This year, the Shanghai Jazz Festival lineup looks promising as always. Check out what you shouldn’t miss out during the two-day event.


Legendary Bands

出道43年,脱胎于上个世纪60年代一支爵士乐的和音团体,Kool & The Gang可以说是70年代最有影响力的Funk音乐团体,他们利用爵士乐的背景把即兴创作运用到Funk和灵魂乐中,难得的灵魂、放克和R&B三者并重,曾经2次获得格莱美奖、七获全美音乐奖、25次获得十大节奏布鲁斯热门歌曲奖。所以能看到这样大神级的乐队怎能错过,除了Kool & The Gang之外,来自古巴的顶级爵士钢琴组合Chucho Valdés & Gonzalo Rubalcaba亦是多次获得格莱美奖的传奇乐手,喜欢传统爵士的你,不可错过。

Originated in the 1960s from an instrumental Jazz band, Kool & The Gang is widely acknowledged as the most influential funk band in the 1970s with an on-going career of 43 years. Using jazz as the foundation, they’ve created a unique musical blend of soul, funk and R&B, which earned them two Grammy Awards, seven American Music Awards and 25 Top Ten R&B hits. Chucho Valdés& Gonzalo Rubalcaba, an extraordinary duo of two undisputed masters of the Cuban jazz piano, is also a legendary band that has won multiple Grammy Awards. A must-see performance especially if you are a fan of traditional jazz.



Master Musicians

如果你偏好某种乐器,那这次绝对可以满足你:百大吉他手之一的Andy Summers是The Plice的吉他手,爵士、节奏布鲁斯、摇滚、雷鬼、朋克都能驾驭自如。Chris Dave & The Drumhedz鼓手阵容,十分低调,但却是Adele《21》和D’Angelo《Black Messiah》等众多金曲背后的团队,实力保证。还有来自瑞典的长号大师Nils Landgren和已故小号演奏家Doc Cheatham之孙Theo Croker……总有一款适合你。

If you enjoy certain instruments more than others, you’ve come to the right place. Andy Summers, one of the world’s 100 greatest guitarists and member of the rock band The Police, is a virtuos of different genres including jazz, R&B, rock & roll, reggae and punk. Chris Dave & The Drumhedz, the unsung hero behind widely acclaimed albums such as Adele’s 21 and D’ Angelo’s Black Messiah, Swedish trombone player Nils Landgren, and Theo Croker, grandson of the late trumpeter Doc Cheatham…there’s always one that fits the bill.


China’s Choice


Mr. Miss, a jazz duo of two Peking University graduates, Du Kai and Liu Lian, who won Best Group at the 2017 Golden Melody Awards with their debut album, adds a flash of color to the festival with their youthful, light-hearted songs; Sizhukong, a group of young musicians headed by Peng Yuwen and Toshi Fujii—also graduates from top universities—brings together jazz and traditional Chinese music to create a new realm of expression and inspiration.


You don’t have to be a connoisseur to enjoy the festival. It is the live impromptu performance that makes you fall in love with jazz. This weekend, don’t miss out.



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