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Anfu Road is perhaps the most ‘Shanghai’ street informer French Concession, an area mixing with hip restaurants & cafeteria, but fashion outlets and petite living boutiques with the planted button woods waying on the side walks, bring the neighbourhood a perfectly blending the old and new experience. 


base-ANFU is hidden in this compound at the cross of Anfu road and Wukang road. Originally an office for a film company, we reprogrammed the building into a mixed-use office and retail space, with an open to public courtyard for different types of events and exhibitions to ignite new ideas, and enriched the daily cultural life of the neighbourhood community.


The reconstruction building has kept a clean and minimum architecture style as base signature tone, the design studio used stucco to create a pale beige fa?ade, but played the tone on tone trick on the window frames with a warm brown hue, a similar tone to the adjacent building. The office entrance was surrounded with the wooden cladding on the concrete platform that inlaid with stones, gave a subtle but modern touch. The petite terraces not only bring a visual hierarchy and texture to the facade but also a highlight of its historic neighbourhood.


To create an open and modern working space, we’ve restored the height to the space by removing the suspended ceiling, let the exposed beams and columns to outline the original structure. In the interior design, base-ANFU remained the base signature features  by using concrete, terrazzo and wood to create a natural and refreshing atmosphere. The hidden gem was the rooftop terrace, overseeing the street views of the former French Concession, a perfect place for a relaxing moment.



In Shanghai, the old buildings and neighbourhoods present a unique style of the city; at base-AUFU we aimed to create a brand new experience of urban living in where a working space not only bringing the convenience and creativity but where to enjoy a vibrant urban life.


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