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摘要: “建立人与人联结的生态圈”是 base 一直倡导的理念。The core concept of base is to establish an ecosystem and to foster a bond between people.

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“建立人与人联结的生态圈”是 base一直倡导的理念;功能空间的设立为居住生活于此的人们创造了更多沟通交流的机会,只有构建起更富互动性的空间才能真正打造base心目中的“社区生活”;base相信,互动社交让生活更美好。

The core concept of base is to establish an ecosystem and to foster a bond between people. base believes that good community living is only possible when the same community truly enjoys their respective individual and social lives in their chosen space.

base-张江 ·享受更多公共功能空间 


base-ZHANGJIANG is one of our latest complex projects offering inspiring spaces for work, living and urban activations.  We aim to create a cool vibe for like-minded people to meet and connect when using our various entertainment facilities. 


The functional spaces of base-ZHANGJIANG get people close to each other.


Push your fitness goals at the base gym and yoga room. Free of charge! Fancy yourself a pool shark in the game room with friends on the 6th floor. And Theres no better place to enjoy a cozy afternoon curled up with a book in the reading room.


base-ZHANGJIANG have also hosted regular events in the functional spaces, including the First Foodie Festival outside of lobby on the 1st Floor bringing food around the world for everyone; an after-work summer terrace yoga class on the spacious rooftop terrace; Western cooking classes in shared kitchen let foodies with little to no experience in becoming chefs. 

base-张江,客人除了能免费享用公共共享空间,并参与 base 品牌旗下所有的客户活动外;每套办公室还都配备了开放式厨房及行政卫生间,免费班车服务为出行交通提供便利。而每间客房都会有每周定期客房清洁服务,每周定期更换床上用品和毛巾,专业洗烫和干洗以及24小时专业保安服务。让住客享受卫生清洁的同时居住更安心。

It is worth mentioning that at base-ZHANGJIANG, all tenants can use shared public facilities, and join base events for free. Each office is equipped with an open kitchen and a private bathroom so that the office tenants can feel at home. Free shuttle bus services offer an essential convenience. For living space, each room has regular weekly cleaning services, weekly replacement of bedding and towels, and professional laundry and dry cleaning services. The 24-hour security services will make you feel safe and sound. 

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细则条款Term & condition:

l  仅适用于一个月固定租期,签约日期即日起至2017年9月30日止。This rent subject to fixed 1 month lease only, valid date starts from now till Sept. 30, 2017.

l  该促销包含标准服务及免费宽带。This package includes standard service and free wifi.

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欢迎垂询:+ 21 6087 8218

Leasing enquiries for base-ZHANGJIANG

Please contact: + 21 6087 8218 

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